How to Shop for Luxury High Heels at Michael Kors 


A pair of luxury high heels is an item to be found on the wish lists of many women around the world, and when it comes to luxury brands, Michael Kors has made a name as one of the most sought-after brands. A pair of Michael Kors high heels will make any woman effortlessly elegant. High heels have a way of making a slimmer profile, shaping the calves and forcing a straighter posture. There is also the fact that the hips sway better when one is in a pair of high heels. But how do you buy the perfect pair of high heels for that perfect catwalk?

Choosing the size

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a pair of little dainty feet. Some ladies will be embarrassed to pick their right size fearing that it is too big. Picking a smaller shoe size is a big mistake. Your feet will suffer especially when wearing high heels, in which a lot of pressure goes to the front part of the foot.

Your pair of Michael Kors should feel comfortable on the foot, neither loose nor too tight. If you are buying online, always choose your size and ask to collect at the nearest store. This will give you a chance to try on the shoe. If this is not possible, it is better to pick the next larger size and fit a thin leather insole for a tighter fit.

Know the right arch for you

The angle of inclination is very important when wearing a high heel shoe. A higher inclination angle puts more pressure on the soles of the feet. Standing at very steep inclination angle makes walking unstable and uncomfortable. The height of the heel can be as high as 6 inches and feel comfortable if the angle is right. It is always recommended that the arch of a high heel be less than 3 inches.

Wedge or stiletto?

Which do you find easier to walk in? Many ladies will feel more comfortable starting out on high heels with wedges. The wider heel provides more stability. But there is no denying that a pair of high stilettos does not fail to impress. If you are not very experienced you can start out with a pair of wedges or shorter stilettos.

Try on different heights

If you are a regular shopper of luxury high heel brands, it is advisable to try out different heights. Getting used to a specific height can weaken your Achilles tendon. Wearing high heels does not exercise this tendon as it should. Keep varying the heights to keep your feet healthy.

Tenancy Cleaning London is a very competitive service


End of tenancy cleaning in London is one of the most competitive services, due to the high demand on the today’s market. There are many services as part of the cleaning services, since the End of tenancy cleaning requires full cleaning of the property. Oven cleaning, window cleaning from inside only, full bathroom and toilet cleaning, are only a few of the cleaning services the cleaning companies offer.

London is a top destination and the demand for properties is extremely high. This makes end of tenancy cleaning preferred by many people service, since cleaning is required before and after the tenants leave the property.

In order to deliver great service and satisfy their customers, the endof tenancy cleaning companies look for hard-working, trustworthy people to join their teams. London is a great place to find experienced cleaners for end of tenancy cleaning services, since the high demand of cleaning provided great skills and experience to many people.

Oven cleaning is part of the end of tenancy cleaning services in London. Most of the oven have never be cleaned before or have been cleaned a long time ago. Hence, this makes cleaning hard and sometimes impossible to deliver magic results.

End of tenancy cleaners are hard-working people and their work has to be respected and appreciated, due to the dirty nature of the job. For best results after end of tenancy cleaning, the London residents have to regularly clean their ovens, so when the moving time comes, the magic with cleaning will happen.

Cleaning ladies are required to take pictures when enter the property, just prior to end of tenancy cleaning in London. This is to prove the cleaning state of the property. Some properties are very dirty and one way of proving that a sufficient job has been done is by taking pictures.

Further, ensure that the cleaners are fully trained for what they do as many cleaners are not adequately trained for the job. Ask the cleaning company what kind of training they provide to their cleaning staff. Are they any compensation schemes? Ask the company to offer you a refund or free re-cleans if something goes wrong.

Most cleaning companies do have guaranties but not all, therefore ensure that you are safe. Choosing the right cleaning company may not be easy, however cleaning requires a lot of expertise and knowledge thus ensure that you have hired someone that know what they are doing.

Many cleaning companies also have reviews so that you can compare from there but do not rely solely on reviews. If you have someone that can recommend a tenancy cleaning company London that is your best bet.

Why Do Landlords Need End of Tenancy Cleaning?


As a tenant, you are probably not very worried about a tenant leaving the house looking messy because you are holding on to the tenancy deposit. A good number of tenants do not bother with the end of tenancy cleaning or asking for the tenancy deposit. But as a landlord, you will want to see your unit occupied as quickly as possible to keep the rent income flowing in. Some tenants leave the house in such a terrible state that normal cleaning will not restore it to required standards. Engaging tenancy cleaning London services is a smart idea in such situations. Here is why end of tenancy cleaning services are useful to a landlord.

Professional cleaning

Cleaning a neglected house with a mop and bucket will not do the job properly. Through end of tenancy cleaning would require better equipment including hoovers, and stronger cleaning materials like bleach. Remember that a prospective client will be looking at the house with a sceptical eye, so the ceiling has to be dust free, stubborn stains on the floor must be cleared, and accumulated dirt under heavy furniture must be cleaned. All this requires extra hands on the job.

Achieve better occupancy rates

A prospective customer will turn away at the slightest sign that a house is unhygienic. Funny smells, dust, stains, and kitchen grime must be completely cleaned off. An end of tenancy cleaning London service has the resources to clean effectively and thoroughly to the standards required by customers who expect high standards.  It becomes easier to win over an undecided tenant when the house is clean and smells fresh.

It is a time saver

Using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is much faster. As a landlord, you want the vacant unit ready as soon as possible for the next tenant. This is more so if the incoming tenant has already committed a deposit. A cleaning service also takes away the need to oversee the cleaning, which frees up time for other tasks.

It is a money saver

Engaging a cleaning service is cheaper than employing full time cleaning staff. You would have to incur payroll costs like health insurance and social security contributions. You would also have to purchase cleaning equipment and materials. By hiring, you pay for the services only when you need them.

Better maintenance by the incoming tenant

When an incoming tenant finds a house that is well-maintained, it is highly likely that he/she will continue to keep the house in this condition. The tenancy agreement will also force him/her to leave the house in this clean condition at the end of the tenancy, meaning there will be less work to do at the next end of tenancy cleaning.

Michael Kors: The 5 Rules of Beauty


When it comes to matters beauty, fashion icon Michael Kors would be in a position to give a few beauty tips that every fashionista should stop and notice. Kors says that the idea behind radiating beauty at all times is by making everything work together. This means from head to toe, there should be the right hair, right makeup and right outfit and accessories.  Here are 5 simple rules you should keep in mind as laid by the fashion guru.

Always have the 3 basics

There are 3 basic essentials to have in your handbag to carry everywhere with you; the gym, office or family get-together. First is a neutral lipstick. This keeps your lips soft and supple at all times. This is because the lips are a major focal point on the face. You want them always looking fresh.

Second is a fragrance. The scent you wear has a big effect on your mood as well as those around you. The third item is a bronzer. This keeps your face glowing and looking healthy at all times, even at the end of a hard day in the office.

Apply eye makeup generously

Always wear eye makeup. Do not hold back on it. Do not be afraid of piling on the mascara and eyeliner. Applying generously at the beginning of the day means you do not have to keep refreshing.

Always wear a scent

You should always use the fragrance in the handbag for all occasions. A fragrance is an accessory to wear differently at different times. The trick lies in knowing how much of it to wear. If you are heading out to the club, you want to have it wafting from all your pulse points.  If you are going to the gym, you want it to be just a hint, like the back of the elbows and the knees.

Flash some gold

Gold is glamorous. It lights up whatever part you place it next to. A gold earring will light up the whole face. A gold necklace will make you look fabulous and classy. Gold transforms your look, regardless of where or how you wear it.  People can’t help but notice.

Yin Yang for fashion

Learn the practice of minimizing and maximizing on the same plane. Wear a high colour lipstick and leave the rest of the face without any other colour, or wear heavy eye makeup but then leave the rest of your face untouched. Try this with different colours and accessories.

Follow these simple rules of beauty by Michael Kors and you will be turning heads everywhere you go with effortless glamour.


Why is Michael Kors Going Fur Free?


Michaels Kors announced they are going fur-free starting 2018. The American fashion brand announced their intention of staying off the fur in all their fashion items. This will also apply to the famed shoe brand Jimmy Choos which Kors acquired in 2017.

Animal rights

In the past, Kors has showcased their glamorous fur items on many fashion runways every year. In announcing their intention to stay off the fur, Michael Kors is joining a number of other fashion companies that are weaning off their fur demand.

The move towards fur-free products is coming after many years of pressure by animal rights activists. They have continuously shown how the fashion industry is leading to declining in animal species such as the polar bear and the Siberian tiger.

These animals have declined to alarming numbers thanks to poaching for their pricey fur. As the demand for these fabulous items rises driven by rising incomes, these animals are facing a very real threat of extinction.

Innovative products

John D. Idol, Kor’s chairman and chief executive, says that Kors has outgrown its dependence on fur, and will be focusing on making aesthetic luxury products using innovative products. Indeed, Michael Kors showcased fabulous items in their February 2018 collection.

Fur-free movement

Kors will be joining other big fashion brands in producing fur-free products. These include Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Retail chains like Selfridges are also keeping fur products off their shelves.

But the Fur Information Council of America says that fur continues to be widely used in fashion products. In 2017, nearly 70% of fashion brands showed off items containing fur. The council says that unscrupulous fashion designers are able to include fur in their products because of its versatility.

The use of fur in mass-produced fashion items is what presents a threat to the animals carrying this fur as it means they are continuously hunted and killed just as if they were on a factory conveyer belt.

Unique use

Yet fur use in artisanal fashion products is a sustainable practice that is beneficial for communities living with these animals. Indigenous people of northern Canada, for example, have always known how to harvest just the right amount of fur, from polar bears that die of natural causes. This artisanal use of fur makes unique items, which is a more sustainable way using fur.

Conscious customer

Michael Kors says that they recognize that their customers today are environmentally conscious. They prefer fashion products that are made in socially and environmentally sustainable ways, which is Kor’s way of doing things going forward.