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Heading to a new country and do not know how to reach your desired destination? Igogo Taxi app has made it all the easier for you. The land of Cyprus would fascinate you the moment you land there. However, being an island, there are restrictions on the mode of transportation you can avail to move around on this beautiful island.

After reaching the Larnaca airport obviously, you would not want to waste your time being stranded at the airport. You would be eager to explore the mesmerising beauty of the place. However, unlike other tourist destinations, you would not find tourist buses and trains for roaming around the country. There is no need to panic, though. With the introduction of Igogo Taxi App, you don’t have to worry about transfers from and to the airport, or commuting to different places on the island. All you need to do is book a cab from the Igogo taxi app and your personal chauffeur-driven car would reach you in a jiffy.

Every year the country of Cyprus witnesses a lot of people coming to enjoy its scenic beauty, either for work purpose or to have a relaxing holiday with friends and family. Now, it has become very easy to travel anywhere in the country. In this era of technology where everyone is using a smartphone, all you need to have is a useful application which would help you in desperate times.

When you arrive at the airport the most beneficial app which should be present on your smartphone is Igogo Taxi app. Even if you do not have it, it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store based on the phone you are using. Having this app would give you a hassle free ride from the Larnaca Airport to the desired location.

Booking a cab on this app is simple. It shows the cabs nearest to you. All you need to do is press on the book now button and the rest are done by the app. It traces your location which helps the driver easily locate you. It sends you the details of the driver through a text message as well, just to be sure that you have the details even if you do not have working internet connection on a foreign land.

The most popular service opted by many foreigners is the transfer to and from the Larnaca Airport. If you want to be pre-plan your travel at Larnaca then you can pre-book a cab at a specified time and it would reach you at your given time, making sure you do not have to wait. Similarly, when leaving the country you can call us up to reach you at the airport on time. We know that this app is most used by foreigners, thus you can customise this app according to the language you speak. Our drivers are professionals and are dedicated to giving you a comfortable ride making sure that you reach your destination as quickly as possible, by taking the shortest route.

Thus, the next time you visit the Cyprus, make sure you have this great app installed on your smartphone and experience the beauty of the country without any hassles.

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