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In choosing the right kind of camping tent, there are so many factors that need to be considered: the needs and requirements, the budget, the number of occupants, and so on. Given that there are so many different types of campers out there, this means that there are also different tents that suit each of them. Indeed, knowing what kind of camping tent is appropriate for the main purpose of the camping trip will help make it much more enjoyable and fun. Thus, it is important that best family tents need to choose carefully. Here are different kinds of best family tents review collected from http://bestfamilytentreview.net

For car campers

Car campers probably comprise the majority of campers in the US. Car camping is much more relaxed and akin to being out on a picnic but with all the necessary equipment that will allow the campers to stay overnight, or for several days, like on a weekend. For car campers who would be hauling all their gear and equipment in the car, weight is not an issue for them; this becomes the crucial factor that determines what kind of tent they should choose. For those who want a bit more floor space and some privacy even in the woods, they might want to buy camping tents that may be a little on the heavy side but otherwise provides big interior space, headroom, and partitioned sections: the cabin tent. The makers of Coleman tents that are known for great designs and durability, offer cabin tents that can easily accommodate as many as 10 individuals in one tent. These also come in 4- 6-, and 8-person models.

For backpackers

Backpacking has also become a wildly popular recreational activity among the younger set; it involves a lot of walking around and explorations throughout the chosen site. Since backpacking entails that all the camping equipment be carried by the individual campers themselves, weight is also a crucial issue. Particularly, tents should be made lightweight to allow it to be carried easily, but also durable enough to withstand wind and rain during the night when it has been set up. For such requirements, a coleman camping tent offer different tent designs featuring lighter fiberglass pole and weight just around 4-5 lbs making them ideal for backpacking.

Camping in every season

Choosing a camping tent also depend on the climate at which camping is regularly done. For example, recreational campers who tend to enjoy this fun activity during the summer will need tents designed to withstand heat and humidity. These should also have a lot of mesh that allows ventilation. On the other hand, three-season tents made for camping in the spring, summer and fall, must have a rain fly that will seal the inside of the tent and prevent rain from entering the tent. Finally, four-season tents are generally built for prolonged exposure to the elements as well as harsher conditions during the winter. Winter campers may experience heavy snow, extremely cold temperatures, gusty winds and severe exposure. Thus they should get tents designed to withstand these conditions.

By choosing camping tents depending on one’s needs and requirements, one can be assured of safety and full protection even in the outdoors.

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