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Are you interested in learning how to play an instrument, but have no idea where to start? If you are torn in deciding learning between guitar and piano, let’s take a look at the benefits that each one offers in order to make a good decision.

Why Piano?

If you are interested in writing your own music in the future, whether it be classical or popular music, it is noteworthy to know that almost every music starts with piano. Most of the composers we know use piano as they attempt to come up with tracks because it is fast and simple. Well, this is if you want to become a full pledge musician, writing songs on your own.

However, if you just want to play a musical instrument as a hobby, piano is also a good option for you. There are several benefits that you can also expect to get out of this decision. For one, you can certainly improve your concentration and memory. After all, learning notes can prove to be a good exercise to your brain.

For beginners, learning and memorizing notes on the piano is easier because they simply repeat a similar pattern in all the keys. Most piano teachers also simplify things by teaching by batch; that is, teaching only the white keys for a time, before moving to the black keys.

At the same time, it is also easier if you are a beginner to completely understand the different patterns of music on a piano. As you read the notes and the sheet music downwards, you know that you are moving going to the left on the piano keys. Intervals are also identifiable easily as well.

Why Guitar?

Just like playing piano, learning how to play a guitar can also help you in improving your brain to function. This is done by initiating some signals which subconsciously directs your hands to learn and memorize where to place your fingers on a specific fret, whether it be right or left chord.

When it comes to satisfaction, playing guitar can also help in providing inner fulfillment, self-achievement and personal pleasure. When this happens, you will have the motivation to move ever onward into your learning goal, and even move with learning other instruments eventually. A lot of musicians start with learning piano before moving with other musical instruments.

Unlike a piano, you can easily bring your guitar wherever you want to go. Even though it may be bulky and long, you can easily stuff it inside your carrying case, and bring it along with you during camping, going to the beach, or any trip. Convenience and portability are things that piano can provide you over guitar.

Wrapping Up

To summarize things, if you are interested in playing more ‘technical’ types of music, and experiment with more styles, learning how to play a piano is a better option. On the other hand, if you want portability and convenience, and the ease of learning faster, the piano is a good choice too.


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