How to Shop for Luxury High Heels at Michael Kors 


A pair of luxury high heels is an item to be found on the wish lists of many women around the world, and when it comes to luxury brands, Michael Kors has made a name as one of the most sought-after brands. A pair of Michael Kors high heels will make any woman effortlessly elegant. High heels have a way of making a slimmer profile, shaping the calves and forcing a straighter posture. There is also the fact that the hips sway better when one is in a pair of high heels. But how do you buy the perfect pair of high heels for that perfect catwalk?

Choosing the size

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a pair of little dainty feet. Some ladies will be embarrassed to pick their right size fearing that it is too big. Picking a smaller shoe size is a big mistake. Your feet will suffer especially when wearing high heels, in which a lot of pressure goes to the front part of the foot.

Your pair of Michael Kors should feel comfortable on the foot, neither loose nor too tight. If you are buying online, always choose your size and ask to collect at the nearest store. This will give you a chance to try on the shoe. If this is not possible, it is better to pick the next larger size and fit a thin leather insole for a tighter fit.

Know the right arch for you

The angle of inclination is very important when wearing a high heel shoe. A higher inclination angle puts more pressure on the soles of the feet. Standing at very steep inclination angle makes walking unstable and uncomfortable. The height of the heel can be as high as 6 inches and feel comfortable if the angle is right. It is always recommended that the arch of a high heel be less than 3 inches.

Wedge or stiletto?

Which do you find easier to walk in? Many ladies will feel more comfortable starting out on high heels with wedges. The wider heel provides more stability. But there is no denying that a pair of high stilettos does not fail to impress. If you are not very experienced you can start out with a pair of wedges or shorter stilettos.

Try on different heights

If you are a regular shopper of luxury high heel brands, it is advisable to try out different heights. Getting used to a specific height can weaken your Achilles tendon. Wearing high heels does not exercise this tendon as it should. Keep varying the heights to keep your feet healthy.

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