Michael Kors: The 5 Rules of Beauty


When it comes to matters beauty, fashion icon Michael Kors would be in a position to give a few beauty tips that every fashionista should stop and notice. Kors says that the idea behind radiating beauty at all times is by making everything work together. This means from head to toe, there should be the right hair, right makeup and right outfit and accessories.  Here are 5 simple rules you should keep in mind as laid by the fashion guru.

Always have the 3 basics

There are 3 basic essentials to have in your handbag to carry everywhere with you; the gym, office or family get-together. First is a neutral lipstick. This keeps your lips soft and supple at all times. This is because the lips are a major focal point on the face. You want them always looking fresh.

Second is a fragrance. The scent you wear has a big effect on your mood as well as those around you. The third item is a bronzer. This keeps your face glowing and looking healthy at all times, even at the end of a hard day in the office.

Apply eye makeup generously

Always wear eye makeup. Do not hold back on it. Do not be afraid of piling on the mascara and eyeliner. Applying generously at the beginning of the day means you do not have to keep refreshing.

Always wear a scent

You should always use the fragrance in the handbag for all occasions. A fragrance is an accessory to wear differently at different times. The trick lies in knowing how much of it to wear. If you are heading out to the club, you want to have it wafting from all your pulse points.  If you are going to the gym, you want it to be just a hint, like the back of the elbows and the knees.

Flash some gold

Gold is glamorous. It lights up whatever part you place it next to. A gold earring will light up the whole face. A gold necklace will make you look fabulous and classy. Gold transforms your look, regardless of where or how you wear it.  People can’t help but notice.

Yin Yang for fashion

Learn the practice of minimizing and maximizing on the same plane. Wear a high colour lipstick and leave the rest of the face without any other colour, or wear heavy eye makeup but then leave the rest of your face untouched. Try this with different colours and accessories.

Follow these simple rules of beauty by Michael Kors and you will be turning heads everywhere you go with effortless glamour.


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