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Flat share Birmingham and house share comes with a lot of responsibilities and you can do it only if you are mature enough. You will need to cook, to clean the house, to learn to live with other persons in the same house, people who aren’t the same as you and who maybe do not agree with your behavior and opinions.

But, now let’s talk about how can you make your life much easier and what steps you need to follow to have the best advert, so people will contact you for an offer sooner than you can think!

First, it depends if you are from United Kingdom or if you are from another country. If you are from another country, our advice is to post and advert before leaving your country, so when you arrive here you can immediately go and visit some houses. The second option is you being from United Kingdom and it means that you have a place to stay and more important, you have time to visit a place in the moment you find it.

Landlord who rent rooms in Birmingham can be quire anxious. Almost everyone has a fear when someone, a stranger comes in their house and because of that you can see an inappropriate attitude. But, if you are a good person and you show respect and maturity to the landlord, things will become more clear and good for you. You can find reliable rooms to rent Birmingham at

If you are a room hunter, you have two options: post an advert where you are saying what you want or search for an advert that fits your desires. This also applies when you do House share Birmingham.

If you choose to search a room, we have prepared filters for you. In this way we help you by giving you as result only rooms available in a specific neighbourhood or with a certain price chosen by you. Also, you have the option to choose to get as result only rooms/houses where pets are allowed or when you have your own bathroom.

If you want to post your own advert you have the option to post a free advert or a VIP advert. There are some differences between them and of course the VIP one is better for you. We will present you the advantages and the disadvantages for each one of them.

The free ad means that you can post and advert and view all existing ads. Also, you can contact all VIP ads, but free ones can be contacted by you only if they are older than 7 days. That means that you risk to lose a room or a roommate because posts that offer more than others will not stay available for so much time.

The VIP ad let you to post and view all adverts, to contact immediately any type of advert, to send messages to everyone, you can be contacted by everyone and you can download a document named Lodger Agreement you need for your future tenancy. But, this one isn’t free. You need to pay a few monies compared to what you spend if you go from house to house to find something.


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