Why Do Landlords Need End of Tenancy Cleaning?


As a tenant, you are probably not very worried about a tenant leaving the house looking messy because you are holding on to the tenancy deposit. A good number of tenants do not bother with the end of tenancy cleaning or asking for the tenancy deposit. But as a landlord, you will want to see your unit occupied as quickly as possible to keep the rent income flowing in. Some tenants leave the house in such a terrible state that normal cleaning will not restore it to required standards. Engaging tenancy cleaning London services is a smart idea in such situations. Here is why end of tenancy cleaning services are useful to a landlord.

Professional cleaning

Cleaning a neglected house with a mop and bucket will not do the job properly. Through end of tenancy cleaning would require better equipment including hoovers, and stronger cleaning materials like bleach. Remember that a prospective client will be looking at the house with a sceptical eye, so the ceiling has to be dust free, stubborn stains on the floor must be cleared, and accumulated dirt under heavy furniture must be cleaned. All this requires extra hands on the job.

Achieve better occupancy rates

A prospective customer will turn away at the slightest sign that a house is unhygienic. Funny smells, dust, stains, and kitchen grime must be completely cleaned off. An end of tenancy cleaning London service has the resources to clean effectively and thoroughly to the standards required by customers who expect high standards.  It becomes easier to win over an undecided tenant when the house is clean and smells fresh.

It is a time saver

Using a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is much faster. As a landlord, you want the vacant unit ready as soon as possible for the next tenant. This is more so if the incoming tenant has already committed a deposit. A cleaning service also takes away the need to oversee the cleaning, which frees up time for other tasks.

It is a money saver

Engaging a cleaning service is cheaper than employing full time cleaning staff. You would have to incur payroll costs like health insurance and social security contributions. You would also have to purchase cleaning equipment and materials. By hiring, you pay for the services only when you need them.

Better maintenance by the incoming tenant

When an incoming tenant finds a house that is well-maintained, it is highly likely that he/she will continue to keep the house in this condition. The tenancy agreement will also force him/her to leave the house in this clean condition at the end of the tenancy, meaning there will be less work to do at the next end of tenancy cleaning.

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